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Tea Party Failure

The extreme conservatives of the Tea Party are fighting to take over the Republican Party. In California their prominence has greatly hurt our two party system. I have spoken with local Tea Party members in our county who believe our government should take no action at all to help our own people. The Tea Party is simply not good for America, California or Stanislaus County.

Our current Congressman Jeff Denham is a ...

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Last Chance This Season!

Have you been looking for something different to do? Do you enjoy music? Do you like to dance? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you probably belong at the Carnegie Arts Center on May 16th.
The Village Dancers will be closing out their season with a Balkan band. Lew and Melissa Miller's band, "Sviraci," will be playing Balkan music from 7:30 to 9:30 PM on Friday, 5/16 and Melissa Miller, ...

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Is this art?

I bought some political "art" posters online as one of them caught my eye. I received them yesterday and they're from an art gallery in Aspen, Colorado. I am amazed at what constitutes art these days and alarmed that hate is an acceptable form worthy of limited gallery space. I question the integrity of any art gallery that would be willing to profit off hate, no matter who the target. It's good to know the ...

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Turning 50? Keep dancing!

Or start dancing, as the case may be.
The first lady recently turned fifty, and the big news seems to be that she intends to keep dancing. Her friends say that she can still “shake a tail feather.”
I would hope so! Since most people live well into their eighties, fifty is young. And fifty is a great age to resume dancing if you used to dance years ago ...

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Drugs and Children: A recipe for disaster.

There have been several articles related to parents using/possessing/ or selling drugs with children in the home....It should be a felony for any parent/guardian or caregiver to use, sell, or possess any illicit drug in the presence of any minor child. If you use/possess or sell any illicit drug you should not have the care/custody/or control of any child. We know what happens when drugs and children are mixed. The end result is usually horrific. ...

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