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Drugs and Children: A recipe for disaster.

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There have been several articles related to parents using/possessing/ or selling drugs with children in the home....It should be a felony for any parent/guardian or caregiver to use, sell, or possess any illicit drug in the presence of any minor child. If you use/possess or sell any illicit drug you should not have the care/custody/or control of any child. We know what happens when drugs and children are mixed. The end result is usually horrific.

The responsibility of protecting endangered children should fall under law enforcements jurisdiction. CPS is not doing enough to protect children. CPS is a disgrace. Too often CPS blatantly refuses to remove children from highly dysfunctional/volatile environments.

I also believe children living with documented gang members are endangered children and should be monitored regularly by a law enforcement group designated to monitor endangered children. If gang members want to act like animals, we as a society must ensure that the children of documented gang members do not follow in those footsteps. We have to protect children, and if that means taking a child away from a biological parent, then we have to do it. All children deserve a chance. All of them.

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