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Stop Drunk Driving!

Saturday night has rolled around again, and across the country, many people will be injured or killed tonight as others continue to drink and drive. Do a favor for all of us. Drink at home. Or get a cab. Or have a designated driver. Save a life!

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Last comment by Selzer 2 years, 7 months ago
Pot Holes,Cracked Streets

When will the city of Turlock fix their streets????Seems like the new police department has beautiful paved streets,beautiful new lights. What about the people of Turlock don't they deserve new paved streets also?????

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Last comment by alienpick 1 year, 6 months ago
my story

I started a way to exterminate the hated fat and body with the same methods, which make some many girls skinny and unhealthy simultaneously. Then I had a kind of mental disorder, then I started practicing forced vomiting, drinking laxatives. You will be impressed but I was very happy when my bones made a noise, and when I was called a puny little thing, even a skeleton, even all skin and bones!

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Wasted time, wasted money?

It was at a city council meeting last year that the time of Turlock Police Chief Hampton's time of leaving us arrived and I expected to see the announcement of the appointment of his successor... the choice seemed obvious, promote from within the organization, experience, knowledge, ability... Rob Jackson. Just announce it!

Little did I know.

Weeks and weeks had to pass without an official Chief at the helm. ...

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Last comment by mikemikejurney 2 years, 2 months ago
Turlock Express host a double header weekend!

The undefeated Turlock Express (2-0) plays this weekend, when they host a double header weekend versus the new expansion Phoenix Monsoon (1-1) for the first time! Come and support the former Turlcok Tornados players this Friday, November 18 @ 7:35 PM and Saturday, November 19 @ 7:35 PM! Purchase your tickets at Turlock Indoor Soccer!
For more information visit www.paslsoccer.com, www.turlockindoorsoccer.com or like us on facebook: Turlock Express.

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